Sound Design - HALO Redesign

I do not often redesign linear pieces, since they rarely showcase what my primary skills is: interactive audio. However I received a sound test from Hexany and I realized my portfolio lacked a substantial gun or "cinematic glory" piece. This is still a bit of a work in progress, but I felt excited to show the first round of revisions.

First Draft: 40 Hours

This is the first semi-complete draft, where I knew I only had 24 hours left to complete the project, and I had to start getting choosy about what I could feasibly accomplish. Since it met my own "this is an acceptable WIP" to show my a few other trusted colleagues, and below is what changes I could make given the time constrains.

Second Draft (Hexany Submittal): ~50 hours

The feedback I had received from folks at this point was that the Spartans were not heavy or substantial enough, which as I was a bit ignorant about HALO lore in general and was designing them based on how they sounded in Mass Effect, since that was my primary "shooter" experience as a gamer. Since it was now submitted, I took a break from the redesign for a bit, and started asking trusted colleagues about what they felt could be improved, who had not even heard it once to get at "themes" of weaknesses rather than "I didn't like this one little sound at 26 seconds".  My reasoning was this: I rarely do long linear work (I consider my little shorts just a creative exercise) I wanted this one to be AWESOME. I wanted to have ZERO regrets and unequivocally AAA. 

The most surprising feedback I receive is that overwhelmingly, people wanted :44 where the alien was kicked to the side to be a bigger moment. I was having trouble with that entire scene because I felt it was "trying to rush past itself" and I wanted to make it about the guns anyway. While all the other feedback I received was helpful, this overwhelmingly was the part I never would have gotten on my own. The most mollifying feedback was generally positive. While I feel honest constructive criticism has gotten me where I am today, it always hurt a little bit to realize how far I had to go. Either I've turned a corner internally where I am no longer taking it personally, or I have "leveled up"; and frankly I'm happy with either!

Third Draft: TBD!