Expedition : Titan

Hyperspace XR : Learning to Listen with my Feet!

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, I do not have a video showcasing the work I did for Hyperspace XR. Here is the experience featured on Geekwire!

Expedition: Titan was the second release Hyperspace XR published as a "startup in residence" at the local Seattle Pacific Science Center. Their first release, Wonderfall, was well received but they were hoping for an on site sound designer to help them through a lot of the challenges that crops up when the sound designer is outside of the implementation process (also known as "throwing sounds over the fence").

It was definitely a fun experience truly walking around an touching the experience I was building, but the most interesting and challenging part was the "rumble floor". The LFE in question outputted only low end sound (~20hz), so any higher would be in a sense "wasted output". In addition, designing sound for it was not just about listening, it was feeling the vibrations of variations of pulsations, warbles, etc to make sure they support the headphone experience. Traditional lower quality headphones very often tend to be "tinny" and fail to bring the base end into this experience. Using both I felt I could weave both experiences together to create something truly compelling!

I learned a lot in working at Hyperspace XR, but more important than tech, it's always about the sound and how it makes users feel. If we ever get back to normal human existence, you should check it out!!!


Big Bang Billiards is my first released game! I designed all sound assets in the game, primarily foleying assets from scratch and I integrated them directly into the Unity Engine. While not featured in this demo, the phenomenal Scott Lawrence composed this project. This was done with an amazing indie team and we won "Best Visual Design" at Seattle VR Hackathon 5. Check us out on Steam!

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