Megan began her journey in audio quite on accident, as her moniker indicates. After a successful career as a banking industry headhunter, she realized that she had the opportunity to move to the video game industry friendly city of Seattle and pursue a lifelong dream of building games for a living. As a successful sales professional, however, the transition was not an obvious one. After much study and interest in "3D audio", hackathons and networking in the local area, she realized sound design for VR was where she wanted to be.

She studied privately for 6 months while holding down her sales job, after securing a PCM D-100 (who is named Larry). Later, she had her first break by joining a group of hackathoners creating a new VR game : Planetary Pool. The work paid off and the team received an award of Best Visual Design for Seattle VR Hackathon 5. Of the 7 original members, 5 continued the long haul development cycle, and to everyone's excitement, Big Bang Billiards released under the Octopus Interactive label in early access.

During this time, Megan quit her sales day job and took up a short term contract at Wizards of the Coast to pursue entering the industry full time. While she did not find the right fit there, she cherishes the wonderful people she met there, and reflects that D&D has been and will be a part of her life forever. One of her on-going passion projects is a WWISE powered dynamic music app that allows the Dungeon Master to mix the music and effects based on the scenario.

Megan first commercial release was with Bevel Space VR, a VR firm bringing custom solutions to architectural firms. This was a phenomenal opportunity to put many of the skills she had honed at various hackathons in a commercial oriented project, and a huge milestone in developing her confidence as a sound designer.

Her next contract was with Altspace VR, the social VR platform for Microsoft. With her background with Pluto VR, another social VR application she had consulted with previously, it was a great way to leverage her technical knowledge of social VR and bring life to the fun and friendly worlds of Altspace. While her contract was a short one, she deeply enjoyed the wonderful friends she met there. Megan then worked with her first XR application and nifty rumble floor at Hyperspace XR bringing that special ambiance to TITAN at the Pacific Science Center while waiting to start at HTC Creative Labs, the software arm of HTC's offering.

She has spent nearly 9 months at HTC working on various cutting edge VR technologies and forwarding the future of audio in VR for the stalwart crew of HTC. As she looks on to future opportunities, she is actively networking with local developers and other audio professionals to help them achieve greatness.